3rd International Conference on
Fundamentals of Software Engineering
15 - 17 April, Kish Island, Persian Gulf, Iran


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Davide Sangiorgi
University of Bologna, Italy

I enjoyed FSEN 07 immensely, from all points of view: scientific, cultural, and social. The conference itself was excellent, with very good talks, and plenty of opportunities to talk and discuss with other researchers. There were a few paper presentations by Iranians, and these were very interesting too. In fact, I realized in this trip that the level of education and research in Iran is much higher than one would expect. There are extremely brilliant students, as I realized in the 2-days tutorial I gave at the end of the conference.

We had a fantastic 3-day trip as part of the conference social events, to Isfahan, a treasure of Iranian culture and heritage. We also had a wonderful social dinner in Teheran, on top of a hill whose name I have forgotten.

A strong memory of this trip is also the hospitality and friendliness of Iranians. I had a number of pleasant conversations with locals, both within the University and outside (in Teheran and Isfahan). Even when conversations were difficult because of the language, I would feel touched by the sincere smiles and eyes around me. I found this even more impressive given that FSEN07 took place during a period of high international tension, between Iran and Western countries.I do hope to have other chances of going to Iran in the future. In any case I wish that FSEN will continue as a conference series, and strongly recommend it to researchers.

Peter Mosses
Swansea University, UK

To those doing research in Fundamentals of Software Engineering:

      Please consider submitting a paper to FSEN '09 in Iran!

The previous conference in the series had about 100 participants from 15 countries, and was very well organised. If interested, you might like to take a look at the LNCS proceedings of FSEN '07: http://dx.doi.org/10.1007/978-3-540-75698-9

Jan Rutten
CWI, Netherlands; Vrije University Amsterdam, Netherlands

Participating in the FSEN conference in 2005 offered me the opportunity to learn more about computer science in Iran as well as the country itself.

The level of research in computer science in Iran is high, probably much higher than you would expect as a visitor from abroad. There were talks at FSEN from both Iranians and visitors, and most were of very high quality. The two FSEN awards, for the most distinguished paper and presentation, were both won by Iranian participants.
Impressive is also the level of education in Iranian university students, which was illustrated amongst others by the many relevant questions that were asked by them, during and after the lectures.

The country Iran, and most importantly the Iranians themselves, were a wonderful surprise. Hospitality and friendliness are truly impressive (and instructive). The country has a rich and very interesting cultural heritage. Where on earth do you find taxidrivers reading poetry while waiting for the next customer? The atmosphere, more generally, is very relaxed and happy. Myself being from Western Europe, the people and the way they behave reminded me very much of Italy.

I hope there will be a next installment of FSEN, in 2007, and I warmly recommend the event to computer scientists worldwide.

Mark-Oliver Stehr
SRI International

It is a pleasure for me to write this brief note about FSEN'05, because it was a conference in one of the most beautiful and exciting countries that I have ever visited. The excursions before the conference, especially to the ancient ruins of Persepolis, were for me a one-in-a-lifetime experience and will never be forgotten. The hospitality of the Iranian people was visible everywhere. At no time there was a moment to feel lost, because the organizers took care of each individual request and every single detail, including visa (another story for which this note is too short), accommodation, transport, and other travel arrangements. Thanks to the organizers, I had the great pleasure to stay in the new IPM guest house, with very modern rooms, an extremely friendly staff, and a state-of-the-art network connection to the outside world. The conference was held very close to the surrounding mountain in the north of Tehran from where it is possible to oversee the entire city. The atmosphere was relaxing with many opportunities to exchange ideas, and the talks covered a wide spectrum ranging from theoretical foundations to experimental DNA computing, the topic of an invited talk given by Joost Kok that was my favorite. It illustrated new opportunities arising from the faulty nature of massively parallel biological machines to approach computationally intractable problems. All in all, I was very impressed by the breath of the conference, the high quality of papers and talks, especially of local students, the interest of the audience, the list of prominent speakers, and last but not least it was just great fun to meet so many old and new faces. A wonderful place was selected for the conference dinner. It was a Kurdish restaurant with a beautiful view from the mountains of Jamshidieh Park, a large park that is unbelievably lively till late in the night. Given that the first IPM FSEN conference was such a big success, I can only recommend participating in the next one (FSEN'07) to anybody who has a broad interest in foundations for software engineering and beyond and has the curiosity to visit a country which is truly amazing and out of the ordinary.

Marcello Bonsangue
Leiden University

The conference included fairly formal lectures given by an excellent choice of speakers both from the region and outside. The program was very valuable to me as a researcher.

The social event was very well received. I liked the opportunity to network with local researchers and gain better insight of the iranian culture.

To summarize, the conference was a great success. My special thanks go to Dr. Marjan Sirjani and her team behind the scenes who set up the conference in a very professional way.

Dave Clarke
Centrum voor Wiskunde en Informatica (CWI)

I very much enjoyed my trip to Iran and the FSEN conference. Iran is a very beautiful country. I was most impressed by the hospitality and friendliness of its people. The conference was well organized and the talks were of a high quality. A prestigious collection of invited speakers topped off an excellent event. I would very much like to come back.

Shahram Esmaeilsabzali
School of Computer Science
University of Waterloo

Well, the first thing that comes to my mind about FSEN05, is the quality of workshop; it was beyond my expectation. Papers were selected thoughtfully, and as such there were some coherent sessions during the workshop where you could enjoy several related presentations in one session. Furthermore, the quality of papers, presentations, and keynotes were really good. I remember saying to one of the organizers of FSEN05 that, in my experience of attending workshops, I believe FSEN is more like a conference than a workshop. As the first workshop of the series of FSEN, I found it absolutely good and enjoyable.

I should say here that Dr. Marjan Sirjani put a lot of efforts to make FSEN05 a success. She was patient and helpful both through my many email correspondences, and during the workshop itself. I did not join the workshop trip to Shiraz, but I know that she put a lot of effort to make it possible. I should say a big "thank you" to her!

Last but not least, I should thank enthusiastic student volunteers who were always there for help. They went beyond their duties to help the workshop attendees.

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