3rd International Conference on
Fundamentals of Software Engineering
15 - 17 April, Kish Island, Persian Gulf, Iran


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Kish Map
Ckick here to see the map of Kish Island.

Please Note
There are two easy ways to come to Kish Island: (1) from Tehran or other major cities in Iran via domestic flights, and (2) from Dubai.

- For traveling to Kish Island via Dubai an Iranian visa is not required. However, you need to contact a United Arab Emirates consulate for the UAE visa requirements for visiting or transit through Dubai.

- For traveling to Kish Island via Tehran or other cities in Iran, you need an Iranian visa.

We recommend that you apply for an Iranian visa anyway just to be on the safe side.

1)  to Kish via Dubai

Foreign nationals need no visa at the authorized arrival and departure points of Kish Island. At Kish international airport the officials will just stamp your passport, which allows you to stay up to 14 days on the island.

However, upon request by the Kish Free Trade Zone Organization the validity of such permits can be extended for three months and if need be for another three months. Such permits are extendable for a maximum period of 6 months and 14 days following which the foreign national has to leave the Iranian territory and re-enter Kish if so desired.

Foreign nationals who visit Kish for business or tourism purposes and intend to travel to mainland Iran should submit their application to the office representing the Foreign Ministry stationed in Kish and obtain an entry visa.

The procedure for the issuance of an entry visa to the mainland takes no longer than 48 hours by which the special Kish entrance stamp is replaced by an entry visa. Should the applicant submit his/her application from outside Kish Island, an entry visa will be issued for him/her upon arrival in Kish airport where the foreign national is required to contact the office of the Foreign Ministry stationed there and ask for his/her entry visa to be issued. Foreign nationals residing in Iran who wish to travel to Kish Island need no entry visa and are just required to present their valid residence documents.

Kish Air has several flights every day between Kish and Dubai, but it is not possible to reserve or buy Kish Air tickets on the Internet. You can directly contact the Kish Air office in Dubai by telephone. Their number is +97-14-272-0006.

Alternatively, the local organizers of FSEN can help you arrange for your tickets. If you choose this alternative, please kindly send your request to shahrabi@ipm.ir (CC to fsen09@ipm.ir) with complete information of your flight from your city to Duabi and vice-versa.

2) Coming to Kish via Tehran

In this case please download the file which includes necessary information for applying for visa. Please scan the first page of your passport and email it along with the rest of the information to shahrabi@ipm.ir (CC to fsen09@ipm.ir). Please use "FSEN 2009 - Ask for Visa" as your email subject.

Since booking domestic flights online is not possible, the conference organizers will book the flight from Tehran to Kish and return upon your request. Make sure to email your request including your arrival and departure time to shahrabi@ipm.ir(CC to fsen09@ipm.ir). Use "FSEN 2009 - Ask for Tehran-Kish flight Ticket" as your email subject. Again, please include complete information of your flight from your city to Duabi and vice-versa.

Note that in the case of long stop times at the airport we might be able to arrange a short stay for you at IPM-Guesthouse.

To start the visa process, please fill in the form below and together with the first page of your passport (scanned) send it to shahrabi@ipm.ir (CC to fsen09@ipm.ir).

The visa application process may take more than one month. Persian New Year starts on March 21 in Iran. Because of holidays, most offices do not work properly from March 14 until April 5. This means to obtain a visa, you must act immediately.

You can apply for a visa at an Iranian consulate by yourself. However, things will move more quickly if the conference organizers start the process on your behalf. Using the information in the form, below, IPM will start the process of applying for your visa. Once approved, the ministry will issue a reference number for each applicant. By having that number, and probably filling out some other forms, you can get your visa from an Iranian Consulate.

As soon as you send us the information, we will start the visa application process for you. To make sure we have enough time, please send the information no later than January 31 to shahrabi@ipm.ir (CC to fsen09@ipm.ir).

Please also contact your nearest Iranian Embassy where you will have to apply, and see if there are any other requirements. (Typically, your passport must be valid at least for 6 months after the date of the visa.)

Best wishes,
FSEN09 Organizers

--------------------- REQUEST INFORMATION FORM

1- Name

2- Surname

3- Gender

4- Date of Birth

5- Place of Birth

6- Father's Name

7- Nationality

8- Country of Residence

9- Passport No.

10- Date and Place of Issue

11- Expiration Date

12- Specialization

13- Occupation

14- Name of Institute or University

15- Address and Telephone No.

16- E-mail

17- Place Visa to be issued

18- Duration of Stay in Iran

19- The Last Date of Entry to Iran

20- Previous Nationality

Visiting Other Cities in Iran
Visa required

The local organizers of FSEN 2009 will facilitate accommodation in Kish for conference participants as part of the conference registration process. If you are interested to visit other cities in Iran before or after the conference, you may wish to consult HotelsCombined.com (http://www.hotelscombined.com/Country/Iran.htm) to arrange for your accommodation.

The International Education Support Scheme offered by HotelsCombined.com enables all students and teachers worldwide to claim a genuine 10% rebate whenever they book their conference accommodation through top travel partner sites including Booking.com, Hotels.com, Intercontinental Hotels, OctopusTravel.com, Priceline.com and many others.

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